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Choose the float session or massage for you!  Once you've chosen the service, you will be shown a calendar for scheduling, the time and day for scheduling, and then you will be allowed to pay. If one of the float rooms are not available for a specific time you may check with the other pod for availability. If you are looking for a massage click on the massage tab to see services and scheduling.  We accept PayPal for online payment.  Once you hit the Book it button you will be given the option to pay in person or directed to PayPal and asked to sign in or to select the prompt that says "no account" at which time you will enter an email to get started.



If it appears that there are no time slots available on a specific day, it is because those times have already been taken. For further inquiry on these times, please give our office a call at (575) 315-0870. Thank you for choosing Floatation Station!  Please note all services include sales tax. ** For large group reservations a credit card / deposit may be required**

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