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Ozonated Olive Oil prodiced with medical grade ozone generater, bubbled through first cold pressed extra virgin olice oil.  


Europeans have been using O3 for decades as an effective anti-aging ingredient in facials.  O3 is extremeely effective for alleviating dry and all skin ailments such as viruses, bacteria, acne, protozoa, ulcers, blisters, boils, skincare, gingivitis, hemorroids, vaginitis (including yeast infections), joint pain, muscle aches, sun burn, burns, and scars.  Basically it can be used on any part of the body that needs healing.  There are no negative side effects, O3 does not harm healthy cellular tissue.


How To Use O3 

First clean the affected area with Hydrogen Peroxide if badly infected.  Apply 2-3 times daily by rubbing a small amount into the affected area.  Alittle goes a long way.  O3 will become a liquid at room temperature and in contact with skin.  Must be refrigerated.


Disclaimer:  Not a substitute for medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis of a licensed health professional.


PurO3- "Ozone Oil" 2 oz

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  • Ozone Oil - O3 made with cold pressed extra virgin oilive oil and medical grade ozone generator.  2 ounce jar.

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