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An Amazing Start!

The first 45 days of being opened have been quite an experience!! With over 100 unique visitors and counting we are bringing the amazing therapy and relaxation from floating to all who visit or live in Ruidoso.

Its a truly rewarding experience to see the looks on peoples faces after they finish their one hour session in our Dream Pods. People are anxious, curious, unsure, and many times just don't know what to expect when going into the pods, and behold, when they come out it is usually a curios smile, a state of relaxation that they have never experienced before. People with Chronic Pain begin to experience some unexpected relief.

Some of the comments include:

" This is a Ride on a Different Bicycle". Jerry and Frankie

" I love Floating! It is like my best friend"

"Metaphysical" Seth

"Better every time" Elena

"I took a bath with myself and I like her"

"breathtaking!" Regan

"This place is Awesome" Jesse

"Relaxation at its finest of mind, body, and soul. I can't wait to do this again." Elizabeth.

"Whoa!" Stevie

"Excellent experience- deep relaxation, highly recommend! Better the second time! Reynold


"Life Changing for RA patients" Stacy.

As we continue to gain more feedback we will start to have people share their personal experiences. We hope to have a newsletter soon and look to start selling some of our organic shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.

See you soon.

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