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The Health Benefits of Floating and Medical Studies

We've been asked numerous times by current customers or people interested in Floating, "Are there any medical Journals on Floatation Research?" The answer is there are some and more and more are being dome each day as Floatation Therapy gains popularity and people are having real world positive effects.

With this as a theme we will be posting, hopefully weekly, articles that we have found on Floatation or Restrictive Environmental Stimulus Therapy. We encourage our customers and readers to share their stories and findings with as well. We will be starting a forum in the near future for all of our followers to share information, experiences, and other insight into floating.

We have attached a link to a PDF document that actually was a study on the claims attributed to positive effects from floatation and the frequency of times those claims appeared in websites. It briefly discusses the validity of these claims. Our future articles will share some of the medical papers, journals, and studies we can find. We have also attached a resource on medical articles with regard to Floatation.

The First attachment is in relation to Float Therapy as a treatment for Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Although many people have received positive benefits from Floatation Therapy with these conditions, the medical field has resisted in depth studies with the actual effectiveness of this as a treatment. We know that there are real world positive effects, as we see it every day with clients. The following are citations in regards to studies associated with these conditions. Citations regarding Float Tanks.


  1. Floatation for the management of rheumatoid arthritis. Clifton Mereday, Craig Lehmann, Roderick A. Borrie. Restricted Environmental Stimulation, 1990.

  2. Effects of flotation REST on range of motion, grip strength, and pain in rheumatoid arthritics. John Turner Jr., Anna DeLeon, Cathy Gibson, Thomas Fine. Clinical and Experimental Restricted Environmental Stimulation, 1993.

  3. A pilot study to evaluate the effects of floatation spa treatment on patients with osteoarthritis. S. Hill, M.J.H. Eckett, C. Paterson, E.F. Harkness. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, December 1999.

  4. The relation between stress and disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis. Bradley T. Thomason, Phillip J. Brantley, Glenn N. Jones, Herbert R. Dyer, Jed L. Morris. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, April 1992.

  5. Effect of mindfulness-based stress reduction in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Elizabeth K. Pradhan, Mona Baumgarten, Patricia Langenberg, Barry Handwerger, Adele Kaplan Gilpin, Trish Magyari, Marc C. Hochberg, Brian M. Berman. Arthritis Care & Research, October 2007.


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